Reasons For Using Instagram Reels

The Reasons For Using Instagram Reels
Reasons For Using Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are one of Instagram’s newest features. It allows users to share short videos within an easily discoverable feed within the app, so brand awareness is Reels’ primary benefit. It will enable your content to be seen on the Explore and Reels page. When your content can be seen on the Explore and Reels page, you reach people you would otherwise not have your brand seen.

If you are familiar with using Instagram to grow your business, you are aware of the tricky navigation of the algorithm. With Instagram’s latest feature, Reels, Instagram wants to market and promote content created using this feature. You are much more likely to reach a much larger audience and get more engagement from new people on reels than any other feature on Instagram.

If you’re not using reels in 2022, here are four reasons why you need to.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Use Instagram Reels

Reach and Impression

The current average engagement for Instagram posts is less than 2 to 3%. Take the example of posting a video on Instagram to 1,000 followers. Only a small number of your followers are likely to see your post. Had you posted that exact video, but as a reel, it is not uncommon to be seen by several times the number of followers you have due to the Explore feature.

New Content Type

It’s getting a little boring seeing the same images on Instagram repeatedly. Creators must evolve their content to remain relevant, paramount to sustained online success. Reels can be fast, funny, and genuinely enjoyable to watch when done well. There is a reason why the Reel feed is designed to continue feeding you content you can’t turn away from.

Show The Reality

Most creators feel they need to present a different persona online: Professional on camera, relaxed off camera. We have seen videos of people dancing to their favorite songs while pointing at text on the screen – this is something we’ve never seen before.

The authenticity of this approach can lead to more business and success from a marketing standpoint. Song and dance are inevitable parts of social media culture, at least for now.

Reach The Explore Page

Choosing hashtags for your posts doesn’t have to take hours. Rebels heavily favor the Explore page at the moment, which has made it easier than ever to get onto it. Every creator aspires to make it onto the explore page, and reels are your best shot.

If you’re serious about growing your brand and online presence, you need to integrate reels into your Instagram marketing strategy. Now is the time to start making reels if you don’t already.

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