The Continuum


Our Continuum is our process to discover and develop a brand purpose.<br /> The five steps in the process help us define your strategy.
    By researching your competition and forming a comprehensive audit, we are able to discover insights in the marketplace that give our agency a better grasp of all opportunities for growth. Understanding where your competitors are weak and strong will help us form an effective strategy built on marketplace insights.
    Identifying the target market is paramount above all other strategic factors. Our process segments our audiences not only by demographics, but also by psychographics. This way we can focus not on just what makes people different, but we focus on what makes them similar. The archetypes we create enable us to communicate specific messages focused on their benefits.
    Without a solid vision for your brand, we cannot effectively create a practical or cohesive strategy. We start by asking a series of questions to gain a clear understanding of your goals and objectives as a brand. This process ends with a comprehensive vision statement that we keep as our primary objective when executing your brand’s creative materials.
    The brand positioning statement is one of the most important factors in the Continuum process. We don’t just position the brand, we position the brand in the mind of the consumer. Finding gaps in the marketplace that our brand benefit can fill is the ultimate challenge to ensure your brand stands out. This statement includes the target market, the frame of reference, and the most meaningful benefit we provide to the consumer.
    Discovering the personality of the brand is often said to be the most informative group exercise we do for our clients. We review hundreds of words that allude to your brand’s persona and uncover the distinctive personality of your brand. This exercise gives our copywriters and art directors the tools to personify the brand.


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