When Should You Revise Your Website’s SEO Strategy?

Websites that haven’t been updated for years are nothing more than online brochures. A successful website interacts with consumers and provides new, updated content regularly. Additionally, Google prefers websites that consistently update their content for SEO purposes. 

Your website must be updated regularly to maintain the brand and development of your business.

By updating your content regularly, you keep your customers informed about new products and services and enhance your website’s search engine optimization.

Here’s an overview of the revision process, from on-page components to off-page SEO elements.

On-Page SEO

1. Keywords For Better SEO

Keywords play a crucial role in SEO. However, there is a constant change in the popularity of keywords. Older popular keywords become extinct, and new ones arise. It is, therefore, necessary to regularly check and analyze your keyword use in your older posts.

2. Content

Those are the meta titles, headers, tags, descriptions, and other elements of your site. Including them in your website’s search engine optimization strategy is important.

The descriptions, titles, and headers on your website must be adjusted when Google or other popular search engines update their ranking algorithms.

3. Social Profiles

Using social media to promote your website is helpful for better ranking as it has an indirect yet powerful effect on your SEO. Due to the growing importance of social media searches, the algorithm recently included them. By tracking your new content’s feedback, you can determine what topics your visitors prefer, allowing you to make business-specific adjustments to your social profiles.

To improve your SEO strategy, you should review your social profiles weekly, analyze their progress/regress, and update your social media strategy accordingly.

4. Inbound links 

Inbound links are links from other websites pointing to your website. You often get these through guest posting, gaining partners, setting up an affiliate program, etc.

Your website’s SEO strategy needs to keep track of your inbound links and ensure they are not broken or lead to removed pages. It is important to remove broken or spammy links as soon as possible.

In conclusion

Updating your SEO is a constant process; the more you perform, the higher you’re likely to rank. Our SEO service at Ebla-Tech will analyze your website content, point out specific mistakes, and provide reports with practical tips for improving SEO.