How to Become a PRO at Instagram Videos

TikTok’s impact on social media and digital activity has made video content more important than ever! Instagram announced last year that they would be focusing more on video features. And now, a weekly average of 91% of Instagram users watch videos on the platform.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about posting and creating Instagram videos.

Types of Instagram videos

You can add a video to Instagram in several ways, including Reels, Live, IGTV, and Stories.

Reels: Instagram Reels are made for short pieces of video. There is a separate part of Instagram for finding and posting reels, but they also appear in the feed.

Live: You can go live on Instagram to make a Live video that you can then save to your page.

IGTV: With Instagram TV, you can watch longer videos more immersively. Instagram used only to show square pictures, but with IGTV, you could watch a video in full-screen mode. They still show up in the feed as well.

Stories: Instagram stories only stay on your page for 24 hours, but you can keep them by putting them in your highlights.

Tips for using Instagram videos effectively.

-Explore your options on the platform.

-Choose an engaging cover photo.

-Share entertaining videos.

-Create a time-lapse video.

-Use editing apps and templates to customize your videos.

-Use videos as teasers for product launches.

– Add music and captions to your videos.

-Review your Instagram Insights to see what’s working.

Benefits of posting video content on Instagram

1. Your post will be promoted organically on Instagram.

As we mentioned earlier, video content is getting more attention on Instagram than ever. In other words, if you use videos as part of your digital marketing strategy, your content will get pushed even further!

2. Build relationships with potential customers.

Creating videos is a fantastic way to interact with current and potential customers. By doing so, your business and its customers can form a personal bond and trust.

3. Get more engagement.

It has been proven that video content stands out on a digital platform and will receive more engagement. You will notice more views, likes, and comments using videos.


Videos are a great way for businesses to engage with and grow their audiences on Instagram. Video offers a competitive advantage for your brand since most businesses still see Instagram as an image-focused platform.