Common SEO Myths and Facts

It’s time to see some of the most common SEO myths and facts that stop you from growing.

Google Penalizes Duplicate Content (Most common SEO Myth)

Since duplicate content is an inevitable part of the web, Google strives to index the best and most relevant pages so that searchers only sometimes see the same content.

Suppose a site has duplicate content but isn’t trying to manipulate rankings. In that case, duplication usually results in similar pages folded together in the index and an alternative version shown.

SEO myths and facts

The Home Page Should Have Lots Of Content

Before we all end up with huge, confusing home pages that confuse users, we need to clear up this common SEO myth.

To attract the right audience, you should not focus on optimizing the homepage but rather on each page of the site.

There must be at least 500 words on the homepage; that’s a fact. The task might seem overwhelming, but it will seem easy if you break it down into well-organized parts.

PPC Advertising Helps Rankings

There is no evidence that Google favors websites that make money through pay-per-click advertising.

To rank organic search results, Google uses a completely different algorithm than the one that determines where PPC ads appear.

You might benefit from running a paid search campaign through Google while performing SEO for other reasons, but it won’t increase your ranking directly.

Longer Content is Better (Popular SEO Myth)

The amount of content on your website will not improve your search engine ranking or appeal to your target audience. The goal of content development is not simply to rank well but also to appeal to your target audience.

Too much content in today’s world will sabotage any attempt to gain people’s attention.

It would be best if you focused on creating the most precise and targeted content rather than generating a lot of content with many keywords.


You must avoid all kinds of SEO myths if you want to build brand awareness. There is a misconception that SEO is dead, but the truth is that SEO is not dead, and it is flourishing as time passes by. So, avoid such myths at all costs.